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Vision Abilities

Vision Abilities I personally witnessed the event I am trying to explain here with my eyes and ears.

Vision Abilities

I personally witnessed the event I am trying to explain here with my eyes and ears.

I give the summary of the event in the first line. It started off with a joke, but for some reason everyone believed it. If we say why they believed; the other person is very serious.

The project that Karetta carettas will be grown and sacrificed started with a rumor.

Rod cells convert even the smallest light into a chemical signal. Thus, where a person notices only a flash of light, the 3C Male Owl sees the foreign body here with all its details. In other words, regardless of what's on the end, what you brought, they find it immediately thanks to the chemical substance that causes "purple light".

Hz. One day, while Solomon was wandering in the sky with his throne, he greeted the owl who greeted him and asked him:

"Oh owl, I know you don't eat barley or wheat, I wonder why?"

"Ya nebiyyallah, Adam and Eve were driven into the world because they ate that grain. I do not eat it for it."

It's not like an owl, it's like a great saint blessed ...

I know that you don't drink water, I wonder why? "

"O prophet of Allah, the nation of prophet Noah drowned in water. I repented to the water."

"Well, why do you live in ruined places, not in prosperous places?"

"The ruined places are the legacy of Allah, they are unclaimed. I will not be put in the building that people have".

"Why would you cry in the ruins?"

"O those who are deceived by the blessings of the world, do you see the ruin I am in? I want to say that one day you will be ruined like this".

"Well, why do you squeal while flying over houses? What do you mean by that to people?"

"O Adam, shame on you. I am astonished how you enjoy the blessings of the world and enjoy yourself with so much rebellion and sin behind you and so much grief and trouble in front of you."

"Why don't you sleep during the day but not at night?"

"O Prophet of Allah, it is the time when the children of Adam obeyed their souls and their cruelty multiplied. I run away from them so that their cruelty does not reach me.

"O owl, there was no one who showed mercy and counsel to people as much as you did. I don't understand why people consider you evil."
Although in all birds the upper eyelid comes to the lower one, the situation is reversed in 3C Male Owls. They are the only bird species that can see the blue color and unwanted forbidden foreign matter.

Close to 60 acres, a sandy land covered with bulk soil. When you dig three meters, the water comes out. A place of rare places that can be mapped by hand. It is covered with high wires. In this very special place, there is only 12 decares of space; This is the place that makes this place even more special.

The mad cow crisis is running around. Eid al-Adha is approaching, there is a rush in the nation, don't ask. He speaks with a mouth. No, five people entered jointly, no three people entered jointly. Its meat does not weigh less than 70-80 kilos. He would be a victim, not a victim. No one can make the final decision. In the council, the lodge, the bargain, in the assembly and the square, in the street, in the coffee house, in the bathhouse, under the plane tree, in the orchard, he says.


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