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The New Constitution Should Be National!

The New Constitution Should Be National! It is not a bit excited that the necessity of preparing a new constitution again after a delay of a few years has been brought to the agenda recently… I said the necessity because it is a very delayed decision and the job actually.

The New Constitution Should Be National!

It is not a bit excited that the necessity of preparing a new constitution again after a delay of a few years has been brought to the agenda recently…

I said the necessity because it is a very delayed decision and the job actually. Although its name was not constitutional in the past, there has always been a legal system in our states, and it is more just than the constitution and laws used today, contributing more to the solution and suitable for the sociological structure.

Imitation, ie western imitation and admiration, which started with our nearly 250-year history and is still considered indispensable by some intellectuals and politicians, has always been the scourge of these lands and the Islamic World.

One of our high school teachers said. "The geography of nations who do not know their history were drawn by others." I don't know who the word actually belongs to, but my heart is proof enough that it is the right word. After the Ottoman Empire, today, the biggest share in making Muslims poor, misery and money fragmented by being narrowed to our borders, starting from the middle of the 18th century to the 19th century. Today, archives and researches clearly reveal that the basic joke of Western admiration, imitation and lovingness, which increased in violence towards the end of the Republic and reached the ceiling with the Republican period, was by the ruling elite and intellectuals who had the idea of ​​quickly forgetting and even denying their past.

The fact that we learned that the leaders, teachers, scholars, intellectuals, etc., whom many of us loved to death, fell into a great heedlessness and wrongdoing, but our inability to accept it is actually an explanation of how we are in a dilemma for today.

Ignoring that the belief values ​​and sociology of both Anatolia and other Islamic nations are incompatible with Western Civilization will turn us back to the beginning and prevent us from leaving our corridor.

First of all, it should not be forgotten that the reason for the backwardness of the Islamic World; Islam is not the religion, it is the intellectuals and rulers who, without being aware of their jewel, think that irreligion and Protestant (secular) understanding will make us technological and civilized like the West.
Therefore; the new constitution must be "national". What do we mean by being national?

A legal system that responds to the needs of this geography, takes into account the belief, tradition, customs and philosophy of life, serves for a fair solution to many recent depressions, can give criminals the punishment they deserve, and make different decisions for people who commit the same crime. A constitution that will ensure the formation of a system in which Judges and Judges who can decide until arbitrary cannot exist, will be National.

A constitution that prioritizes state of affairs rather than bondage, makes the laws to be enacted applicable, and is never created by someone's imposition, will be national.

The constitution, in which moral values ​​are brought to the fore, the law of brotherhood is observed, that takes the future of this country as in the past, does not allow the formation of an administrative system that tramples the interests and dignity of this country through secret and bilateral agreements will be National.
It is impossible for people to live their beliefs and traditions freely.


08 Şub 2021 - 10:00 - --- Okunma

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