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Letter from Principal Çalışkan to Teachers

Letter from Principal Çalışkan to Teachers Karaman Provincial Director of National Education Mehmet Çalışkan wrote a letter addressed to teachers for 24 November Teachers' Day.

Letter from Principal Çalışkan to Teachers Karaman Provincial Director of National Education Mehmet Çalışkan wrote a letter addressed to teachers for 24 November Teachers' Day. In addition, Karaman Provincial Directorate of National Education published a special video for the day and celebrated the day of all teachers, especially our martyred teachers.

Karaman Provincial Director of National Education Mehmet Çalışkan's letter to teachers:

Dear Teachers,

In today's world where many thoughts, feelings and moments are explained with short shares, we have prepared a short video for Teachers Today, but maybe there were more words to say with a habit of being a teacher. It is not possible to fit in a minute. I wanted to get a little troubled outside of the celebrations and share my feelings with you on this occasion.

We have never had such a Teachers' Day where we stayed away from our children and colleagues during our teaching. We feel the sadness of this and the sadness of not being together. In this process that will never come to mind, let's act with the awareness of how important the measures we will take to regain the days we miss.

For years, we gave martyrs from our teachers who fulfilled their duty in order to teach love, happiness, everything that is beautiful in life. We learned not to be intimidated from our martyrs who said “It is possible to teach in any situation”, inspired by the lives of the students of the valiant who stand like a mountain against ignorance and ignorance. For him, as teachers, we have made sacrifices and are doing together to overcome the difficult process that has been experienced since the beginning of the epidemic. All over the world, you have not avoided being at the forefront as volunteers and loyal people when even employees who are required to take on mandatory duties avoid their work. For this reason, I thank you once again. I am grateful for showing the whole world that being a teacher has no time, place, or limits, not with your words but with your teaching.

Our new teachers, after a few years, said, "Teacher, we were your first students, you started your first mission at our school." Your excitement will increase again as you hear the words from your students with sweet memories. Years later, you will meet your students, perhaps work with them at the same school, or perhaps witness their happiest days. With the awareness that even if you do not attend classes over the years, there will be no retirement in teaching; You will always feel the rightful pride of building a society with your example by telling the best and the truth.

Dear Colleagues,

Our strength comes from our unity, from walking side by side for the same purpose. Our aim is to raise generations of benevolent mind and heart so that our people, who have the wisdom of Anatolia living in these lands, can live in peace and happiness for thousands of years. In this direction, we continue on our way with the support we receive from each other.


24 Kas 2020 - 08:00 -

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