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New WhatsApp alert from the Presidency!

New WhatsApp alert from the Presidency! President of the Presidency Digital Transformation Office Dr.

New WhatsApp alert from the Presidency!

President of the Presidency Digital Transformation Office Dr. Ali Taha Koç made a statement about WhatsApp, which was the focus of the reactions after the confidentiality agreement decision.

President of the Presidential Digital Transformation Office (CBDDO) Dr. Ali Taha Koç, reminding that WhatsApp has postponed the deadline of February 8 to May 15, said, "However, the decision does not include any content changes to share personal data with Facebook. He wanted to save time ".

CBDDO President Ali Taha Koç made a statement to DHA about the discussions that started with the announcement that WhatsApp would change its privacy policies and share data with Facebook and the studies on cyber security.

Noting that WhatsApp prefers to implement this change in countries that are not members of the European Union (EU), Koç said, "First of all, our approach to this issue is that everyone can access digital platforms equally, and the standards and procedures are the same. the issue of EU countries or should apply equally to those living in non-EU countries. Both the Competition Authority will see both the personal data Protection Board in Turkey began an audit on this issue and recently also reflections together. in these studies primarily on of personal data It will be checked whether the consent is obtained correctly and whether the competition conditions in the market will be violated. its it shows how critical it is. ”


Evaluating the postponement of WhatsApp's privacy policy update date upon the reactions, Koç said, "WhatsApp postponed the deadline for the update of the privacy policy to 15 May, which is 8 February. However, the decision does not include any content changes for sharing personal data with Facebook. In our opinion, WhatsApp wanted to gain time in order to explain its privacy policy better. Before pressing "I approve" in the applications they use, our citizens need to be very careful about what they approve and there should be social awareness on this issue. Why do we call 'local and national practices'? And there is no such problem in our national practices. If you do not want your personal data to be shared with other companies, your data will not be shared with anybody.


Warning social media users not to share their personal data, Koç said, "First of all, do you really know who you are texting from social media platforms? We need to be careful while making our posts, and we should not forget that. my citizens%


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