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Kağnıcı: Retirees struggle to survive

Kağnıcı: Retirees struggle to survive Republican People's Party Karaman Provincial Chairman Mustafa Cem Kağnıcı made a written press statement about his pensions.

Kağnıcı: Retirees struggle to survive Republican People's Party Karaman Provincial Chairman Mustafa Cem Kağnıcı made a written press statement about his pensions.

Kağnıcı used the following expressions in his statement:

"in Turkey's 13 million pensioners live on pensions that can only receive 2-3 percent. Around 7 million retirees in second jobs lost their jobs in the pandemic. Under the starvation of millions who retired in 2590 TL in Turkey, struggling to survive on $ 1,500. It is the right of our pensioners who have worked in our country to equalize their pensions to the minimum wage and to enact an adjustment law.

SSK and BAĞKUR retirees are locked in the increase in the inflation rate realized in the second half of this year to be announced in January 2021. The Consumer Price Index has increased by 7.03 percent since June. Due to December inflation, retirees will get a 7 percent increase at best. The working channels of retirees who cannot survive with the hikes and wages they receive are also blocked and their hopes of finding a job are running out. As of November 2020, the number of people over the age of 55 - 65 waiting for a job at İŞKUR's door is 60 thousand 877.Placement of Jobs Has Decreased by Half the number of those placed decreased to 15 thousand 757.

When we consider that the inflation in the streets reaches 40-50 percent and the expenses increase in pandemic conditions, the salary hike to be made at the rate of artificial inflation will make our retirement dependent on dry bread. Alliance partner MHP Chairman Mr. Devlet Bahçeli has started a hanging bread campaign, the government that makes our people unable to buy bread has to find permanent solutions. An AKP deputy, on the other hand, showed that our Group Deputy Chairman Engin Altay said that if they eat dry bread they are not hungry, and that they are aware of the state of our nation.

Currently the case to proceed to charge more than 9 million below the hunger threshold in Turkey's retired adaptation law should be removed. There is a serious gap between the wages of those retired before 2000 and after 2000-2008 and among those retired from different institutions. Monthly binding rates should be updated again. The pensioner's purchasing power has fallen by 40 percent since the beginning of the year. The lowest pension should be brought to the minimum wage level. If we consider the winter conditions, natural gas, electricity and hikes to everything else, this winter will be very difficult for retirees.

In a period when even young people have no prospect for a job, it is natural that our elders have no job prospects. Unfortunately, our fellow countrymen, who have worked and labored for years and finally retired, are struggling to survive economically. As the pensioners of the countries that admire us around the world do not have to think about tomorrow, our retirees are thinking about what we will eat tomorrow while they are going on a world tour, having fun with their grandchildren and enjoying life. However, there is no government that cares about the retired, there is no government that listens to their troubles. Power think of the palace itself


04 Oca 2021 - 11:00 -

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