Even his relatives are running away from him

Even his relatives are running away from him Those who hear about the work of Emine Bozkurt from Mersin are scared and running away.

Even his relatives are running away from him

Those who hear about the work of Emine Bozkurt from Mersin are scared and running away. Bozkurt, who has been working as a gassal for 25 years, stated that he is very happy with the blessings he received by doing this profession, that he loves his job, but even his relatives are afraid of him, “Everyone is afraid of me. They ask "How can you do it?" Some of them get up and leave ”she said.

Gassal Emine Bozkurt, who does what everyone is afraid of and does not dare to do, has washed the dead for 25 years and sent off on their last journey. Bozkurt, whose father was also a gassal, started washing a funeral for charity at the age of 20, after learning the profession from his father. Later, 46-year-old Bozkurt, married and mother of two children, who started to work in the Mezitli Cemetery of the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality in the central Mezitli district of Mersin, told the story of starting the profession to the UAV reporter.

She learned the profession from her father
Emine Bozkurt, whose father is also a gassal, said that she started to work at a time she had never thought about when she went to her husband's teacher for a holiday 20 years ago. "We are looking for a reliable couple to wash our municipality for funerals," said Bozkurt, Sait Hodja, my wife's teacher. I said 'okay' because my wife had no job. So we got a job the next day. They pray so much in this work that the reward is great. That's why I chose to be gassal. My father was doing this job too. The blessing they made to my father affected me too. Actually, I never had a mind to enter such a job, but I learned it from my father, and from the age of 20, I started doing it for my charity, to help the citizen. Fard al-kifayah that falls on every citizen. But this responsibility falls on some. I did everything that needed to be done there and so I started ”.

“The deaths of young people and babies affect it very much. We are crying with their relatives ”
Stating that Mezitli Mayor Neşet Tarhan started to work in Mezitli Cemetery after he took office, Bozkurt emphasized that his job was very difficult, but he loved his profession. Drawing attention to the emotional burden of his work, Bozkurt stated that he has washed thousands of dead so far and explained the deaths he was affected by:

“Children, young people, suicide of young people, those who died in accidents affect me. For example, both young people who went to distribute the wedding invitation died in the accident. After washing her, her mother asks "Dress her up". This affects you very much. It is very difficult, troublesome but we are trying to do our duty properly. On the other hand, we have this responsibility. At that moment, we are happy to be able to do our job fully, but of course we are sad. The death of babies and young people that most affected me. The funeral of a person in a vegetative life who had been bedridden for 20 years was also very impressed. Half of his head was bruised and his body was wormy while he lived. I washed it. Considering the pain he suffered, of course you feel very sad ”.



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